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WilliamHiggins – Luky Kolac – MASSAGE

Luky Kolac came in for a massage. He strips down to his underwear and lays, face down, on the bed. The masseur arrives and gets to work, taking cream into his hands. The hands glide over Luky’s back and up to his shoulders and neck. Having worked a little on the back the hands massage Luky’s shoulders deeply. His arms are bent up his back as the shoulders are worked well.

Then the hands move lower down the back, with fingers sliding into the underwear in the process. The underwear is pushed off Luky’s sexy ass and those cheeks are massaged with more cream. The sexy butt cheeks are squeezed and massaged and then Luk’s underwear is removed completely. His feet are massaged too, with more cream being used. Then Luky’s legs are parted and he moves his ass into the air, letting the cheeks spread to expose his hole. The hands reach between his legs to pull his big cock back through the thighs.

The massive cock is wanked between his thighs as his balls are held up too. Then that ass is rubbed and the cheeks spread wider to show off his hot hole. Fingers and thumbs rub over the hot hole and a finger pushes inside. That finger goes deep into Luky’s hole as his massive cock is wanked too. The the finger is removed and the sexy ass is rubbed. His cock is wanked. more as a thumb slides into the tight hole and starts to fuck. The cock is wanked hard as that hot hole is finger-fucked. Luky moves his ass higher as the finger fucks hard into his hole. His big cock is wanked hard too and hie soon announces that he is going to cum.

The big cock releases all the creamy cum onto the bedding below as the finger continues to fuck his hot hole. Then the finger comes out and that massive pole is milked dry. Luky turns over onto his back and relaxes as the big cock is milked some more.

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