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Str8Hell – Luky Kolac – HOT ASS

Luky Kolac is naked and wanking on his big , stiff, cock as a helping hand is rubbing his hot body. As Luky wanks his dick the hands drip oil onto it. Those hand continues to feel the sexy body and then they take control of Luky’s big cock. That cock is wanked gently as the balls are tight against the base of the shaft. The balls are grabbed too as the cock is wanked.

The Luky’s legs are raised into the air, and he holds them in place as his hot ass is shown off perfectly. The cheeks are spread to expose his tight hole which soon has oil rubbed over it. Luky wanks his cock as the hole feels a finger pushing inside. That finger pushes deep into the hole and starts to fuck as the other hand wanks on Luky’s cock. Soon the hole is being stretched as two fingers push deep inside. Those fingers fuck the tight hole as Luky pulls on his dick.

The fingers come out of that ass and Luky spreads his cheeks ready to accept a vibrator in his hole. That toy fucks deep into Luk’s hole. The hole is fucked hard, opening up to take the toy. The vibrator comes out and that hot hole is examined as Luky pulls those ass cheeks wide apart. Then the toy starts to fuck into that hot ass again. It fucks deep and hard into Luky’s hole and he takes it so well. Then the toy comes out and shows off the hole again. Luky turns over onto his knees and presents his ass to get more of that toy in his hole. That hole is fucked and then examined, opening up to gape nicely when the toy is removed.

After having his hole used so well Luky sits in the chair again and wanks his mighty cock. He keeps wanking that dick until it shoots a big, creamy, load all over his hot body.

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