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What´s up? Debt Dandy Here we are: Jan, Martin and The General, three wild guys from Prague. In Eastern Europe over 40% of all young guys live in debts. We thought about how to find, meet and have a look into their private life. And of course have some kind of fun with them…

Debt Dandy

Debt Dandy 274

This meeting was very emotional. The young Debt Dandy 274 man who called me needed money urgently. His parents kicked him out of their flat but at least rented...

Debt Dandy

Debt Dandy 273

The word is definitely getting around… A friend recommended Debt Dandy 273 our company to this young man. He clearly didn’t tell him any details because the...

Debt Dandy

Debt Dandy 272

This meeting was a little Debt Dandy 272 risky. This guy needed to settle a few debts, nothing unusual at all. He was 16 000 Crowns short. Only problem was...

Debt Dandy

Debt Dandy 271

This boy Debt Dandy 271 was still living with his mother. I felt sorry for him because he looked very shy and desperate. He couldn’t get a proper job so money...

Debt Dandy

Debt Dandy 270

More and more people come to Prague to start a new Debt Dandy 270 life. It’s almost like if it was a city of opportunities. This guy was one of those people...

Debt Dandy

Debt Dandy 269

This young Debt Dandy 269 man made a lot of debts, including a few bank loans. He didn’t look very bright so I wasn’t surprised he got into trouble. He didn’t...

Debt Dandy

Debt Dandy 268

This Debt Dandy 268 guy’s life wasn’t exactly a success story. He graduated from high school three years ago but never had a single full-time job. He moved to...

Debt Dandy

Debt Dandy 267

This Debt Dandy 267 boy wanted to live a rich man’s life. He moved to the outskirts of Prague into a pretty nice neighborhood. And his house was even bigger...

Debt Dandy

Debt Dandy 266

This young guy Debt Dandy 266 had a family of three. He loved them so he did everything he could to provide for them. Unfortunately, doing your best isn’t...

Debt Dandy

Debt Dandy 265

Honestly, I wasn’t surprised that this Debt Dandy 265 guy was in financial trouble. His apartment was an absolute dump reeking of unwashed clothes and spoiled...


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