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Worked in human resources for quite a long time. When you see ambitious young men Dirty Scout desperately trying to impress, you automatically start to fantasize about them. About their bodies, about things you would do to them. The job situation in the Czech Republic is difficult, especially for young people without experience.

Dirty Scout

Dirty Scout 257

Matej was a cute Dirty Scout 257 guy, who just quit his job as a male nurse and was looking for something new. His previous occupation was a chore that left...

Dirty Scout

Dirty Scout 256

Pepa looked quite Dirty Scout 256 sexy when he entered my office. I was surprised to hear this cutie was 23. He was fair game, and I was gonna get him. Pepa...

Dirty Scout

Dirty Scout 255

It’s hard to get a job of your dreams when you’re Dirty Scout 255 young. You lack experience and have to settle with something less interesting...

Dirty Scout

Dirty Scout 254

Before this handsome stud came in my office, two young men declined my offers. I was almost losing hope, but he made everything right. I liked this athletic...

Dirty Scout

Dirty Scout 253

This Dirty Scout 253 young applicant was a bit confused about his career. He quit a manual job in Germany and moved back to his girlfriend in Czechia. He was a...

Dirty Scout

Dirty Scout 252

This young man Dirty Scout 252 dropped out of college because he was bored and saw no point in higher education. Instead he started working at a washing...

Dirty Scout

Dirty Scout 251

Another day, another lazy and annoying Dirty Scout 251 guy looking for a job at our agency. Jakob trained to be a bricklayer but found the trade so boring that...

Dirty Scout

Dirty Scout 250

Dominik seemed to be a very competent Dirty Scout 250 young man with plenty of experience. He worked as a crisis manager and his skills were valued very high...

Dirty Scout

Dirty Scout 249

I simply couldn’t understand why this Dirty Scout 249 guy worked only as a security guard and a warehouse keeper. He was cute enough to be a model or a...

Dirty Scout

Dirty Scout 248

This Dirty Scout 248 young man made some serious mistakes while planning his career. First, he became a hairdresser but didn’t like the trade much...