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Worked in human resources for quite a long time. When you see ambitious young men Dirty Scout desperately trying to impress, you automatically start to fantasize about them. About their bodies, about things you would do to them. The job situation in the Czech Republic is difficult, especially for young people without experience.

Dirty Scout

Dirty Scout 263

This young Dirty Scout 263 man was good looking and quite smart, so we had a very pleasant conversation. He used to work as a tour guide. Since tourism...

Dirty Scout

Dirty Scout 262

This was the most pleasant interview in months. Finally, Dirty Scout 262 an applicant who had experience and knew exactly what he wanted to do. It was so...

Dirty Scout

Dirty Scout 261

This young man Dirty Scout 261 looked like a typical IT enthusiast. He studied mechanical engineering and graduated recently. It wasn’t easy to pick a...

Dirty Scout

Dirty Scout 260

Interviewing this Dirty Scout 260 young man was an absolute hell. He was so and had no idea what he would like to do. I know it’s my job to assist people...

Dirty Scout

Dirty Scout 259

This Dirty Scout 259 young man dropped out of school and needed a proper job as soon as possible. His girlfriend was pregnant so there were serious life...

Dirty Scout

Dirty Scout 258

This Dirty Scout 258 young man was interesting. He studied agriculture and then worked at a farm for some time. He liked the job, the only problem there was...

Dirty Scout

Dirty Scout 257

Matej was a cute Dirty Scout 257 guy, who just quit his job as a male nurse and was looking for something new. His previous occupation was a chore that left...

Dirty Scout

Dirty Scout 256

Pepa looked quite Dirty Scout 256 sexy when he entered my office. I was surprised to hear this cutie was 23. He was fair game, and I was gonna get him. Pepa...

Dirty Scout

Dirty Scout 255

It’s hard to get a job of your dreams when you’re Dirty Scout 255 young. You lack experience and have to settle with something less interesting...

Dirty Scout

Dirty Scout 254

Before this handsome stud came in my office, two young men declined my offers. I was almost losing hope, but he made everything right. I liked this athletic...