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Worked in human resources for quite a long time. When you see ambitious young men Dirty Scout desperately trying to impress, you automatically start to fantasize about them. About their bodies, about things you would do to them. The job situation in the Czech Republic is difficult, especially for young people without experience.

Dirty Scout

Dirty Scout 19

It’s “warehouse-day” again. why we’ve a lot of candidates for all those Dirty Scout 19 careers I’ll likely never realize. About...

Dirty Scout

Dirty Scout 298

Another freshly graduated man Dirty Scout 298 looking for work, I simply love those. This one was a plumber and electrician. He was adorable. There is a big...

Dirty Scout

Dirty Scout 297

Michal was a fresh Dirty Scout 297 graduate looking for his first job. He did try a few part-times as a student but was still inexperienced. At high school he...

Dirty Scout

Dirty Scout 296

Petr was very ambitious and extremely Dirty Scout 296 greedy. Bored with unstable jobs, he came to me looking for something well-paid and fun. The guy was...

Dirty Scout

Dirty Scout 295

This was a long Dirty Scout 295 day at the office, no one wanted to have fun with me… When this handsome young man entered my office, I could feel my...

Dirty Scout

Dirty Scout 294

Dominik was a very shy guy Dirty Scout 294 looking for work. I think he lived in a pretty toxic relationship. Being a bit submissive, he let his girlfriend...

Dirty Scout

Dirty Scout 293

This was a funny interview. Lukas was a young Dirty Scout 293 man determined to find a decent occupation today. He was fed up with poorly paid jobs he had in...

Dirty Scout

Dirty Scout 292

Marek spent years working Dirty Scout 292 abroad as a gardener. He earned a lot but eventually decided to move back to the Czech Republic and settle down. The...

Dirty Scout

Dirty Scout 291

Marek was fed up with his professional Dirty Scout 291 life going nowhere so he turned to our agency for help. It was a very good idea because he was a bit...

Dirty Scout

Dirty Scout 290

I got visited by a handsome IT specialist. He was quite Dirty Scout 290 experienced so I was afraid he might not be too desperate to get a job. Apparently, I...


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