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Czech Hunter – Did you ever make your private porn video? Do you know the thrill of POV, of recording a guy´s ass when you just put your dick inside his hole? With respect: We are Jiri and Honza. Two guys from Prague. We are the Czech Hunter. Pursuing boys is our hobby. We are tired of websites offering staged bullshit. We know the strategy. Czech boys do it for money!
It´s true: the difficult social situation in the Czech Republic supports our hobby.

Czech Hunter

Czech Hunter 692

I sometimes feel like Czech Hunter 692 my English could use some polishing, so I decided to take English lessons. I looked up a school online and went to pay...

Czech Hunter

Czech Hunter 691

Forgetting where you park is quite inconvenient and embarrassing but Czech Hunter 691 sometimes it can be a good thing, too. You never know who you might meet...

Czech Hunter

Czech Hunter 690

Shame I didn’t encounter this Czech Hunter 690 student on my birthday because he would be a perfect present. I met the cutie on his way to work and...

Czech Hunter

Czech Hunter 687

It’s not easy being horny Czech Hunter 687 during winter. I hate going outside and hunting in the cold. People usually don’t want to talk while...

Czech Hunter

Czech Hunter 689

This encounter was a little Czech Hunter 689 strange. I met a father carrying toys he bought for his son. Teen parents usually have a tough life, and this...

Czech Hunter

Czech Hunter 688

This warm, sunny morning was exactly what I needed. I picked up my Czech Hunter 688 camera and went out roaming the streets. I was hoping to find someone who...

Czech Hunter

Czech Hunter 686

Being bored out of my mind, I tried to Czech Hunter 686 prank people. Reckless people often use public transportation without paying so I pretended to be a...

Czech Hunter

Czech Hunter 685

Another horny walk around Prague turned out to be a massive Czech Hunter 685 success. I noticed an interestingly dressed man, who looked strangely familiar...

Czech Hunter

Czech Hunter 684

I was horny all morning so after a quick Czech Hunter 684 lunch, I headed out to hunt. Soon I encountered a man struggling to find a shopping mall. We had a...

Czech Hunter

Czech Hunter 683

I was having a walk near my winter Czech Hunter 683 apartment. It was getting dark, so I started looking for company. I wanted to have a fun evening...


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