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Czech Hunter – Did you ever make your private porn video? Do you know the thrill of POV, of recording a guy´s ass when you just put your dick inside his hole? With respect: We are Jiri and Honza. Two guys from Prague. We are the Czech Hunter. Pursuing boys is our hobby. We are tired of websites offering staged bullshit. We know the strategy. Czech boys do it for money!
It´s true: the difficult social situation in the Czech Republic supports our hobby.

Czech Hunter

Czech Hunter 676

This Czech Hunter 676 man was waiting for a friend when I bumped into him. They were supposed to have fun evening together, but she was late. It was cold and...

Czech Hunter

Czech Hunter 675

My Czech Hunter 675 plan was to go hunting on the Petrin Hill, which is usually full of people having romantic walks. Unfortunately, terrible weather...

Czech Hunter

Czech Hunter 674

I was looking for a friend of mine in an apartment Czech Hunter 674 building when I bumped into a handsome man on the way to a pub. He didn’t know my...

Czech Hunter

Czech Hunter 673

I decided to build a simple shelter in my Czech Hunter 673 garden. I picked the cheapest online shop I could find and ordered everything from there. That...

Czech Hunter

Czech Hunter 672

Losing your car keys is a nightmare. The Czech Hunter 672 process of getting new ones is long and costly. This handsome man was about to find out. I met him at...

Czech Hunter

Czech Hunter 671

Prague was a bit deserted today, so it took me a while to find the Czech Hunter 671 right dude. I noticed this cutie sitting on a park bench. I circled around...

Czech Hunter

Czech Hunter 670

I got really horny while working from my Czech Hunter 670 office in Prague. A little walk around the block might do me good, I thought. It was a brilliant idea...

Czech Hunter

Czech Hunter 669

I was hunting in the streets of Prague for hours. To my Czech Hunter 669 disappointment, no one wanted to talk to me on camera. This dude wasn’t any...

Czech Hunter

Czech Hunter 667

This rough looking fellow didn’t like my Czech Hunter 667 camera at all. He was sitting on a park bench, waiting for a friend, when I approached him. I...

Czech Hunter

Czech Hunter 665

I met this cutie just outside of Prague. The poor Czech Hunter 665 guy missed a bus and had plenty of time to kill. He was on the way to a friend who was...


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