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William Higgins – Michal Renok and Abraham Kohn RAW – FULL CONTACT

Michal Renok and Abraham Kohn are relaxing on the bed wondering how to spend the day. Michal shares his fruit with Abraham and then they start to kiss. Michal straddles Abraham and helps him to remove his tee shirt. Then as they continue to kiss Abraham pulls off Michal’s tee shirt as well. Michal lowers his underwear, releasing his rock hard cock.

Abraham quickly grabs it and starts to suck on it. He licks the shaft too and the balls. Then, with Michal’s hand guiding his head Abraham sucks hard on the big cock. Abraham’s tongue swirls around the throbbing cock head too and he wanks on the dick as well. Michal then kisses Abraham again and then removes his underwear and lays back on the bed so that his dick can be sucked some more. The big cock is sucked and wanked by Abraham who moves down to lick on the big balls too.

Michal’s hand pushes the head down on his cock as the lips are closed tight around it. Wanting more though Abraham Kohn takes off his underwear and then sits his hot ass hole down on the big cock. He starts to ride up and down on Michal’s rock hard dick, taking it deep.. The big cock fills the tight hole as Abraham rides it. Then Michal fucks his dick up that ass as hard as he can, thrusting his hips to work the hole well. Abraham turns around and slides his hole back down on the cock so that Michal can fuck him some more. He works his ass hole on the cock and Michal fucks so hard. Abraham’s cock gets hard too as he is fucked so well.

Moving to a spoon position Michal continues to fuck the eager ass hole as Abraham Kohn wanks himself. The big cock pounds that ass hole as Abraham’s wanking gets more intense too. With the big cock deep in his ass Abraham’s dick releases his cum. He wank his cock to milk it dry as Michal keeps up his relentless pounding. Michal is still keen to fuck and Abraham moves onto his knees. He gets fucked hard, from behind, with Michal’s dick working his hole so well.

Then Michal pulls out and wanks the cum from his cock onto Abraham’s ass. Then he slides his big dick back into that ass hole to fuck a little more.

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