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William Higgins – Filip Kucera and Robert Smola RAW – CHERRY BUSTING

Sexy Filip Kucera sits on the bed and answers some questions, as a prelude to getting his cherry busted by Robert Smola. Robert arrives and begins to kiss Filip. He runs his hands over Filip too as they kist each other. Then Robert encourages Filip to undress, kissing his chest. He takes off his own top too. Then he releases Filip’s cock from the shorts.

That cock is rock hard and Robert is quick to start sucking on it. Filip gets fully naked as Robert strips to his bulging underwear. He returns to sucking on Filip’s rock hard dick, taking it deep into his mouth. Then Robert takes off his underwear too so that Filip can take hold of the big dick and start to suck it. He sucks Robert’s lovely fat cock, rubbing the balls too. Then Filip lays down so that Robert can suck him again. Robert’s mouth works up and down on Filip’s throbbing cock.

Then he moves up so they can kiss again. Filip Kucera turns over, onto his knees, presenting his ass. Robert inspects that ass and the tight hole, playing with it. He then slides his big, hard, cock into that virgin hole and starts to fuck. Robert grabs Filip’s hips as he works the dick into that tight hole. As Filip gets used to the cock working his hole Robert fucks harder. That big cock goes so deep into Filip’s ass as Robert’s hips thrust hard. Then Filip turns over and lays on his back to get fucked some more. Robert’s dick stretches the tight hole as he fucks hard. Filip grabs his own cock and starts to wank in time with the fucking.

Filip wanks hard as the big dick opens him up so well. Soon his wanking is rewarded as he shoots his cum onto his sexy body as Robert pounds his hole. The thick cream coats his body as Robert continues fucking his ass. Then Robert is ready too and pulls out, moving up, and shoots his cum over Filip’s face and into his mouth. Filip Kucera sucks on the spent, fat, cock as his face is covered in thick cum.

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