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The Coffee Can Wait – Dylan and Jordan

Dylan and Jordan most definitely had themselves an awesome time on our trip to the central California coast and wine country. These guys go great with – and look great on – the beach, and were really in their element there. Where they REALLY look great and where they’re REALLY in their element, though, is in action with one another!

Both of these studs are strikingly handsome, and for all of us going into watching this knowing what Jordan’s wielding between his legs and knowing how much Dylan loves to get fucked, the anticipation to see these two together is overwhelming. You just know you’re in for a blazing hot fuck, and I think both of these guys knew that as well once we paired them up with one another and let them go at it.

In the extended b-roll included with this episode, you can see these two were getting along well and detect an eagerness on both their parts to get down to the hot action they knew things were leading up to. I think Dylan was extremely eager to find out just how good Jordan’s cock would feel in him, and I think Jordan was pretty fascinated by the fact that his dick could deliver such incredible feelings to a fellow young stud. And I think all of us really get treated to a hot one here!


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