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Nikita Repa and Istvan Bernas RAW – AIRPORT SECURITY

Istvan Bernas has control of airport security when Nikita Repa is sent to see him. It seems that Nikita is suspected of stealing some car keys. Istvan pats him down and then tells him to take off his tee shirt. With his sexy chest bared he takes off the shorts too. But Istvan is not satisfied and makes Nikita take off his underwear, releasing the keys that are hidden there. Istvan notices that Nikita’s dick is hard too. He tells Nikita to sit as there is paperwork to do. The threat of time in prison is raised. But to prevent that Istvan wants something.

He opens his pants and pushes Nikito to his knees, telling him to suck the exposed cock, or go to prison. Nikita takes the dick into his mouth and starts to suck it. Istvan’s dick gets nice and hard as it is sucked. He fucks it into Nikita’s mouth and makes him suck the balls too. Istvan’s balls get so tight as his dick fucks into Nikita’s mouth. That dick slides balls deep into the mouth. Nikita works hard on that dick, grabbing is and wanking it as he sucks. When he complains he is bent over the table to be fucked up the ass.

Istvan shoves his dick into the hole as starts to fuck. Istvan holds him down and pounds that hot ass hole as hard as he can. Istvan takes it well, moaning as he feels the dick so deep inside him. Istvan’s dick fucks hard into the hole, slapping his groin against the ass. Then he turns Nikita over, onto his back and fucks him more. Nikita grabs his own rock hard cock and wanks as he his fucked. He keeps moaning as he is fucked and soon cums as he wanks himself.

Istvan keeps fucking that hot ass hole hard as Nikita milks himself dry. Then he pulls out and wanks his cock over Nikita’s face to shoot the creamy load. Nikita sucks the spent cock to drain it completely.


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