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Str8Hell – Tomas Petruj and Denis Pletak RAW – YOUNG OFFENDERS

Denis Pletak is a very sexy security guard, and he is in charge today. He brings Tomas Petruj into the office as he has been found stealing. Denis says he will have to call the police to report Tomas but first he decides to search him. Tomas stands up and Denis runs his hands over him. Then he tells Tomas to strip. He is soon wearing only his underwear but has to remove that too.

Tomas looks very good naked and he soon feels Denis hands running over his hot, naked, body, checking him out. Denis feels Tomas’ cock and then cheks his ass too. Denis seems to be very interested in Tomas’ body, feeling the ass and cock more than once. Then Tomas sits and Denis threatens to call the police. But first he tells him that there is another solution. Tomas agrees, but it involves kneeling before Denis and sucking his cock. Despite his protestations Tomas sucks the cock to avoid being reported. His head is pulled onto Denis’ cock as he has to suck it. That fat cock gets very hard and is soon fucking into Tomas’ mouth. Denis thrusts the cock deep into the hot mouth.

The lips are closed tight around the fat cock as Denis sucks. He comes off the cock but is soon sucking again and taking hard into his mouth as Denis fucks with some force. Then Tomas licks up and down the shaft of the rock hard cock before it thrusts into his mouth again and fucks even harder. He manages to take that dick without gagging. Denis sits on his desk as he enjoys the hot mouth on his dick. He pulls Tomas onto his cock so that it fills the mouth. Denis is so horny and he needs more, so he stands Tomas and bends him over. Then he slides his fat cock into Tomas’ tight ass and starts to fuck him hard. Tomas leans against the wall as that big cock pounds his tight hole and he then has to suck on Denis’ nightstick too. The nightstick hits Tomas’ thigh too, encouraging him to take that cock well.

Denis Pletak grabs Tomas’ hips as he thrusts his dick so deep into that hot ass hole. Then Tomas is moved to kneel on a chair and get that cock in his ass some more. His ass is spanked too as Denis fucks it hard. The thrusting hips shove that dick so deep in the ass hole as the cheeks get spanked as well. Tomas then lays on the desk with his legs in the air and feels the cock pushing into his hole again. That fat cock bangs hard into his ass as Tomas wanks himself. As the takes that dick some juice is forced out of his cock while he wanks it. Denis continues to fuck hard and fast into the ass.

The fucking gets even harder as Denis thrust with all his might, so deep into that ass. Then he pulls out and pushes Tomas onto his knees. Tomas’ mouth is open and he soon catches Denis hot cum on his tongue as the dick releases strings of jizz. Tomas sucks the cock dry too too, swallowing the hot cum.

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