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Str8Hell – Marco Velvet and Peto Mohac RAW – AIRPORT SECURITY

Peto Mohac is in charge of security today. He brings in sexy Marco Velvet for interrogation. It seems that Marco was found in the women’s restrooms. He is accused of filming the women and Peto insists on searching for the phone he used. He makes Marco strip down to his underwear and then tells him to take that off too. Peto checks out the naked prisoner and then tells him to sit.

He checks Marco’s backpack and finds his phone. Marco has to open the phone and Peto finds what he is looking for. He threatens to take Marco to the police. But Peto is prepared to delete the evidence if Marco sucks him off. Marco doesn’t want too but eventually agrees. Peto gets his cock out and Marco starts to wank it. He leans forward takes the cock into his mouth. He sucks that cock as it grows in his mouth. Peto fucks the stiff cock into Marco’s mouth. Then Marco licks the thick shaft too before sucking more.

Peto gets nake as he enjoys being sucked. He fucks his cock into Marco’s mouth, making him gag. Marco does a great job on that throbbing cock, licking and sucking it. He licks Peto’s balls too. But Peto needs more and he makes Marco bend over. Giving the sexy ass a slap Peto then slides his dick up the tight hole. Marco moans as he feels that cock pushing into his hole. Peto starts to fuck hard into that tight hole. He spanks on the ass and grabs the hips as he fucks deep. The big cock pounds hard into Marco’s hot ass hole.

He keeps up his stream of moans as the big dick stretches his wide. Marco in moved to knee on the floor for more hard fucking. Peto’s dick goes balls deep in that tight hole as Marco whimpers all the while. Then Marco is turned over onto his back. Peto’s dick fills him up as he is fucked more. He wanks himself too as he takes that dick up his ass.

With that big cock up his ass Marco cums as he wanks. Peto continues to fuck him hard. Then Peto is ready to cum. He pulls out and wanks the hot cum over Marco.