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Raging Stallion – RIDE Or DIE – Wide Open – Pierce Paris and Alpha Wolfe

Hell-bent on staying in Pierce Paris’s good graces — particularly following the incident between Beau Butler and Pierce’s rap star pal — Warden Cole Connor sends recently fucked inmate Alpha Wolfe to the business mogul’s palatial home. Ready to release the week’s stress, Pierce pushes Alpha onto his hands and knees, commanding him to spread his satisfying hole.

Wielding his power, the mega-rich businessman sniffs and fingers Alpha’s fuzzy fuck-slit before pushing his eager tongue in for a taste. But, if he’s to truly prepare Alpha for his oversized cock, he’ll need to stretch the jailbird’s hole to the extreme. Pierce pounds the prisoner with two large man-ramming dildos before feeding Alpha his gargantuan cock and low-hanging nut sack. Pierce then grabs a stiff-dicked Alpha by his ankles, spinning the inked convict onto his back and spreading his legs wide open. From above, Pierce plunges his hard-on in and out of Alpha’s cavernous gape.

Alpha’s rock-solid dick bounces against his thick bush as the billionaire smacks his furry ass and fucks him bareback on all-fours. Just when Alpha thinks his hole has been totally wrecked, Pierce throws him on his back and goes back in, balls-deep. The inmate, submitting fully to pleasure, shoots gobs of pearly-white cum onto his hairy chest.

As Pierce pulls out of Alpha’s worked-over ass, he squirts a hot load of cum onto the prisoner’s tongue before putting his asshole-flavored dick back in Alpha’s mouth. Is Pierce satisfied with The Warden’s ‘gift’ enough to forgive Cole, or will there be hell to pay?

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