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Jawked – Singlet Minded – Simon Best and Jamie Kelvin

Fit jock boy Simon Best is the kind of open-minded young man who lets his cock do his thinking for him when he needs to get off, which is a good thing for his horny younger brother Jamie Kelvin in this Jawked video.

It seems wrestler Simon made a bit of a mistake when he was ordering a new singlet, it turns out he ordered one from a fetish company and now his ass is hanging out the back! It would be a shame not to make use of it though, so when he shows lucky Jamie the results of his fashion faux pas it’s not long before their rampant needs are taking over.

As is usually the case with Simon his big cock is already swollen in his singlet and with a little groping of the awesome meat by Jamie the two are soon doing a new kind of wrestling on the bed. It’s not long before blond Jamie has that big cock in his mouth.

It seems Simon Best might have tasted some dicks of his wrestling buddies before because as soon as the handsome jock is sucking on Jamie’s equally delicious dong he’s showing some real skill, his own meat still rigid and wet.

In very short time his wrestler cock is sliding in and filling blond boy Jamie, raw and dripping, his length punching up into his ass in every position they can manage before the pleasure becomes too much and their loads are ready to burst free.

Jamie’s cum slings from his cock while Simon pumps his tight little hole and moments later the wrestler boy is wanking off in the boy’s face, splashing him with his own gooey mess.

I think we all know Simon’s wrestler buddies would like to see him in that singlet, too.

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