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Jawked – Inner Glute Workout – Ivan Kerk and Darin Boswell

When you want to start working out properly you need someone with experience to guide you. Luckily little twink Darin Boswell has an expert in his own step brother – hugely muscled hunk Ivan Kerk – and the gorgeous man isn’t reluctant to help him out in this new Jawked video.

It doesn’t take long at all before the big man is hard in his jeans while slim little Darin tries some abdominal crunches. We can’t say his form is too good, working out on the couch cushions is a definite fail, but there are other things he’s very experienced at, like sucking cock.

The hairy muscle stud is more than experienced with this aspect of fitness; he’s used to seeing boners in the gym showers and finding guys getting worked up so easily, so he’s not going to decline some good head from the boy.

With his muscle man dick stiff and wet he’s happy to give the boy a little slurping in return, working the young man’s long and rigid cock in his own experienced mouth before presenting his penis for the boy to impale his tight little pucker down upon.

The riding is probably the best workout the young man has performed so far, his slim thighs working to satisfy his pucker and his brother’s bareback cock in his hole, but it’s only one position Ivan would recommend for a thorough session.

Flipped around for some more riding the boy can feel his muscles working, but it’s the relaxed cool down as he lays back and takes that pounding from the strong man that truly satisfies.

With their juices slinging up over his slim body his initial work out has come to an end and the results are good, but we all know his big brother is going to be giving him plenty more lessons in the future.

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