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WilliamHiggins – Petr Kopta – EROTIC SOLO

Petr Kopta is aged 27 and he lives in Prague. He is a tattoo artist who enjoys sports, fitness and soccer. He looks good and is nice and relaxed as he sits on the bed and does his interview. He laughs a lot as he answers the questions. Then, following instructions, he removes his shirt to show off his hot chest. Petr runs a hand over that sexy chest as the camera goes in nice and close.

He reaches down to rub his groin too. Then Petr takes off his jeans and kneels in just his underwear. He lets his hands roam over his body and he gropes the underwear as well. He reaches into the underwear to feel his cock. Feeling his chest as he gropes himself Petr soon pulls the cock out of the underwear and starts to wank it.

The underwear is removed and he continues wanking on his stiff cock. That lovely, fat, cock is oiled too as he keeps wanking. Then Petr Kopta lays down and lifts his legs. He wanks on his cock as he shows off his ass, and his hot, tight, hole. The soles of his feet can be seen too as he exposes his ass hole and wanks on his dick. Turning over, onto his knees, Petr presents his hot ass hole again as he wanks between his legs. He uses both hands to reach back and spread that ass wide.

Then he resumes his wanking. He reclines on one elbow, legs wide apart, and wanks that big cock. He keeps wanking hard on that dick and then pushes it forward to shoot his hot cum. Petr milks the cock dry after shooting his load. Then he goes off to the shower to clean up.

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