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William Higgins – Tomas Mracek – MASSAGE

Sexy Tomas Mracek is due for a massage. He comes into the room and strips down to his underwear, showing off his slim body. Then he lays, face down, on the bed. The masseur arrives and gets right to work, after taking some oil into his hands. The oiled hands glide over Tomas’ shoulders and down his back. Then they massage his neck too. The hands work hard on the neck and shoulders.

Then Tomas’ arms are each, in turn, bent up his back as the shoulders are massaged deeply. More oil is applied as Tomas Mracek back is massage with long strokes. The hands glide all over dipping into the waistband of the underwear too. Then the hands slide right over the ass cheeks inside the underwear and begin to massage them. The underwear is lowered to show off that sexy ass. Those shapely cheeks are oiled all over. Then the underwear is removed completely and the hot ass is rubbed again by the oily hands.

The hands move up and down Tomas’ legs too as the ass is massaged. Then his legs are closed and oil is applied to the soles of his feet. The feet are massaged deeply as they glisten with oil. Then Tomas Mracek legs are parted again and his sexy ass is oiled all over. The hand rub over the ass and reach down to the cock and balls, between Tomas’ legs. That cock is wanked by the hands, getting nice and hard. The cock head shines as the oil coats it. Then Tomas’ ass cheeks are parted, showing off his tight hole too. Oil is dripped onto that hole and the hands rub all over. A finger rubs the hot hole, and dips inside.

The finger pushes deep into that hot hole and starts to gently fuck in and out. That hole takes the finger all the way before it is removed. Tomas’ cock is given a bit of a wank and then the finger slides back into his tight hole. The finger is removed again and that stiff cock is wanked again. Tomas Mracek moves onto his knees, fully exposing his hot ass hole which gets more oil. His hole, balls and cock are all rubbed and a finger slips back inside. The finger fucks that tight hole before pulling out so that cock can be wanked again. Tomas’ balls are rubbed all over too as his cock is wanked.

The finger pushes back into the ass hole and fucks deep as his cock is wanked. The hands alternate between fingering that tight hole and wanking on the rock hard cock. Then Tomas turns over and lays on his back. His stiff cock is wanked hard and quickly shoots the creamy load onto his hot body.

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