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William Higgins – Str8Hell – Tomas Mracek – SPANKING

Tomas Mracek lays on his back, gagged and with his wrists tied to his ankles. That presents his sexy in, in underwear and his feet. He wriggles as if to free himself as his tormentor arrives. A hand rubs over Tomas’ chest and then raises that sexy ass higher, rubbing in and spanking it. The heavy hands spank hard on each ass cheek. The underwear is pulled off the ass showing the hot hole.

The heavy hand spanks hard on that ass making Tomas Mracek moan. The ass is rubbed and squeezed, pulling on that tight hole too. Then Tomas cock and balls are freed from the underwear as well. Oil is dripped onto the balls and ass and rubbed all over. The glistening cheeks are spanked more and Tomas’ cock is grabbed and wanked some too. More oil is applied, to the cock, and rubbed in. The balls are squeezed and spanked as well. Tomas’ oily cock is wanked by the hands as his balls are squeezed too. Then the sexy ass cheeks feel the heavy hand again. The tight hole gets spanked as well. Tomas is turned onto his right side, showing off his hot ass hole as his cock is wanked.

The tight hole is rubbed too and spanked as he keeps up his moans. More oil is rubbed over the ass and a thumb is pushed into the tight hole. It is soon replaced by a finger which fucks deep into Tomas’ tight ass. The ass is spanked too as the finger fucks the hole. The sexy ass gets whipped as well. The hand alternates with the whip to land on that hot ass. Tomas Mracek is turned over onto his other side and he soon gets his hole fingered hard again. The whip is used on his ass too. The tight hole feels the hands spanking on it as well as he lays on his back again. Then the ropes are removed to be replaced by leather cuffs on the wrists. Tomas hot chest gets slapped too.

The his cock is wanked, becoming nice and hard. With his cock rock hard clamps are applied to his nipples too. Then Tomas Mracek is turned over, onto his knees with his ass hole fully exposed as the cheeks are spanked and spread. The ass gets the whip again too. Then a dildo is shoved into his hole, stretching it wide as it pushes inside. The toy is removed and the hole is fingered again. Then that is taken out too and the ass cheeks are spanked hard. The cuffs are removed and Tomas lays on his back to have his cock wanked some more. He is allowed to wank himself as the hands explore his sexy body. Wanking hard Tomas soon shoots streams of creamy cum.

He milks himself and the hands rub over the tender, sticky, cock head. The cock is squeezed and milked to ensure every drop has been extracted before the video closes with a close-up of Tomas handsome face.

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