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William Higgins – Str8Hell – Misko Sinak and Martin Hovor RAW – YOUNG OFFENDERS

Security Guard Martin Hovor has found himself a very sexy Young Offender in Misko Sinak. He has Misko in the store room as he interviews him about stolen items. Misko has to wait as Martin goes off to check the security cameras, which confirm that he did steal the items. There is only one way to avoid police involvement, according to Martin.

That is that Misko must suck Martin’s cock. Martin opens his pants and pulls out his rock hard cock. Misko has to suck it to avoid prosecution. Despite protests he soon has his hand around the cock as his mouth closes on the head. He wanks and sucks on Martin’s big cock. Martin pulls Misko’s head onto his dick. He takes off his shirt as he feels the hot mouth working on his dick. Misko does a good job on that big cock which really turns Martin on. He soon wants even more. He pulls off Misko’s tee shirt and tells him to remove his trousers.

Then he gropes the underwear under the pretence of searching him. Mikso’s underwear is removed and he his bent over as he kneels on the chair. This is for Martin Hovor to check his ass but, of course, Martin intends to check the hole with his big cock. That dick is soon sliding deep inside the tight ass. The big cock fucks Misko’s tight hole deep with long strokes. Martin’s hips thrust hard as he fucks that hot hole. The big cock stretches Misko’s tight hole wide as Martin’s fucking gets faster.

Then they move to spoon with Martin pounding the tight hole as Misko wanks himself. His dick is rock hard as Martin fucks him deep. Martin keeps up his deep fucking as Misko wanks fast. The wanking forces the hot cum out of Misko’s cock shooting it onto his leg as Martin’s cock pounds his hole.

Martin continues fucking as Misko milks his cock dry. Martin then pulls out of that sexy ass and dumps his hot cum too.