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William Higgins – Str8Hell – Mirek Dujak and Jan Nurad RAW – DUTY BOUND

Jan Nurad has Mirek gagged, blindfollded and shackled. He approaches Mirek and with gloved hands begins to feel his naked body. He leans down to inspect Mirek’s dick and runs his hands all over him. Jan Nurad slaps at the sexy body as Mirek’s cock swings around. A riding crop runs over his hot body, giving it a few whacks too. Mirek flinches each time it lands.

He is turned around so his sexy ass can be beaten with the crop. Then that hot ass feels the whip too. Mirek is turned again and Jan kneels, taking some oil, and starts to wank the cock. He grabs the cock and balls and wanks roughly. That dick gets hard and Jan lowers his mask so that he can suck it. That dick is rock hard as Jan takes his time to suck it. Then he turns his attention to Mirek’s sexy ass, and soon has him shackled to the exam chair, ass ready for action.

Jan Nurad strips off, showing his stiff cock. He spits on Mirek”s hole and then takes some oil to it too. He fingers that hole nice and deep as Mirek’s feet show how much he feels it. That hole it ready for more and Jan soon has his dick deep inside. He fucks Mirek’s ass hard and fast, giving it a slap or two as well. After pounding that hole for a while he turns Mirek over to fuck him some more. Mirek wanks himself as Jan’s throbbing cock keeps up the hard fucking. Mirek’s ass takes the cock so well as Jan’s hips thrust it deep inside.

Jan Nurad pulls out of that hot ass and wanks his dick to release his cum after a very hot fuck.

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