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William Higgins – Str8Hell – Leo Dinar vs Gerasim Spartak – WRESTLING

Two very hot str8 guys, Leo Dinar and Gerasim Spartak and paired in a wrestling match. They look so good as they do some stretching to warm up, wearing only theiry underwear.

Then they begin the match. Soon they are getting to grips with each other, rolling over the floor trying to gain a hold. The hot, muscled bodies are entwined as they grapple to gain an advantage. In the process Gerasim pulls at Leo’s underwear until it is fully removed and his is naked. That shows off his hiary ass and his cock as they continue to roll all over the floor. Leo Dinar is not to be outdone and soon has Gerasim’s underwear off too. Those sexy bodies look even better naked and they grab each other.

With cocks flailing and asses spreading they try so hard and it is Gerasim who prevails to win the first point. When they resume he is not averse to slapping Leo’s sexy ass too as they wrestl. They roll all over the floor each trying to get the best hold. It is Gerasim who is again successful. Then they take time out to oil each other all over. Then it is back to the wrestling, with the oily bodies sliding all over the floor. Gerasim grabs at Leo’s balls as he tries to force another submission. His ploy is successful too. Leo Dinar gains a point as well with a hard earned submission. But it is Gerasim who is the eventual winner. Then they sit on the mats for a wank-off.

They have to wank each other for a while too. Then it is back to wanking themselves with Leo being the first to dump his load. Gerasim continues wanking until he cums as well, shooting the jizz onto the mats. Then they clean each other off and go to the shower to wash up.

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