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William Higgins – Str8Hell – Karel Konrad – SPANKING

Karel Konrad is on his knees, with his bare ass presented, as his ankles and wrists are shackled and his mouth is gagged. His tormentor is present too and is soon spanking on those sexy ass cheeks. The hands spread the ass cheeks too, to expose the hot hole. With the ass cheeks reddened from spanking and squeezing Karel’s cock and balls are pulled too, between his legs.

His hot hole is shown as the cheeks are squeezed and the heavy hands spank hard on his hole too. Karel writhes around and moans as that hot ass in punished. Oil is dripped onto the ass and then rubbed over his hole. A finger shoves deep into the hole and pulls out. It goes in and out, all the way, fucking the ass as the cheeks are spanked. The rough treatment of his hole matches the way his cheeks are dealt with too. The hands cup Karel’s balls and wank on his cock too.

Then oil is applied to the cock as well as it is wanked. That cock is slapped as well. With his cock growing it is trapped between his thighs as the ass cheeks are spanked some more. As more oil is dripped onto that hot ass hole a dildo appears too. It is rubbed over the hole and then pushes inside and starts to fuck hard. The toy comes out to show the hole before being shoved in again. That dildo works Karel’s hole so well, fucking it hard and eep. Karel’s hole accommodates that dildo so well as it fucks him.

Then it is removed and the heavy hands do some more hard spanking on the red cheeks. He is turned around so that his legs are over his head exposing that hot hole. His cock is held and spanked, along with his beautifully red cheeks. The ass hole is fingered more too and the cock is slapped. The gag is removed from Karel’s mouth and his moaning gets louder as the sexy ass is beaten. Then his legs are lowered and his sexy chest is slapped as well. His ass gets more spanking as he is twisted and turned.

Then the legs are raised again and the dildo fucks his hot hole some more. The hole gapes as the toy is removed and then shoved all the way in again for more hard fuckng. That hole opens wide after lots of deep pounding with the dildo. The ass cheeks feel more of the spanking inbetween all the dildo fucking.
Then Karel Konrad is allowed ot lower his legs and his cock is wanked hard. His chest is spanked too and his balls are slapped as well to complete a very hot video.

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