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William Higgins – Str8Hell – Filda Daneska – SPANKING

Our sexy Filda Daneska has his ass on show as he kneels on the bed with his wrists and ankles shackled. He is struggling against the shackled as his tormentor arrives and begins to feel that sexy ass. Then the first of many hard spanks lands on that ass, making Filda moan loudly . That hot ass feels the heavy hands as it is spanked.

The cheeks are squeezed too and pulled further apart exposing the tight hole. His jockstrap is wedged into the ass crack and the ass cheeks are spanked so hard. Filda’s balls are grabbed in the jockstrap too. Filda’s balls are pulled out too as that hot ass is repeatedly spanked. Filda Daneska is hooded too so cannot see when the hand will land. As the hood is raised we see he is also gagged. The hands hit on his ass and chest. Then the crop hits on that hot, reddening ass. The hood is removed too as the sore ass gets more hard spanking.

The cheeks are pulled wide apart to show off the hole which gets rubbed too. A vibrator is pushed deep into that hot ass hole fucking it hard. That toy stays in the hole as the ass cheeks are spanked more. Then the big toy is pulled out and the tight hole is checked again. The ass cheeks are so red as they get spanked even more. A whip is used on them too. The toy is shoved back into the hot hole and Filda’s dick is pulled out and wanked. Filda is then moved to lay on his shoulders with is knees parted and his hot ass high in the air.

That hot hole is fully exposed as the hands spank the red ass. The hole gaps as the cheeks are pulled wider apart. Then as he lays on his back Filda feels the crop as he wanks his cock. He keeps wanking that dick until it releases the creamy cum.

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