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William Higgins – Str8Hell – Dave Swanson – HOT ASS

Dave Swanson’s hot ass scene begins with him laying on the massage table as the masseur works on his back. After the back is massaged his ass is exposed and the hands start to squeeze the cheeks.

The cheeks are spread to show off his ass hole. Oil is dripped onto that hole and rubbed over it. Then a finger probes the hole a little. The probing soon gets more intense as the finger fucks deep into the hole. Dave’s ass gets a few spanks too and the cheeks are spread wide. Then a finger fucks into the hole again, working it hard. Soon that hole needs more and two finger fuck deep inside, roughly fucking it. Then Dave moves onto his knees presenting that eager ass hole. More oil is dripped onto the hole and a dildo starts pushing inside.

It is fucked hard into the hole as his cock is wanked. That dildo goes in deep,opening the hole good. Then after a few more spanks three fingers, and then four, push into the ass hole. His cock is wanked as the fingers stretch his hole wide. When they come out the cheeks are spread to show the gaping hole. Then the fingers go in again, this time with the thumb as well.

A vibnrator is next up and it is pushed deep into the ass hole. A huge dildo then goes into the ass, stretching it so wide. When it comes out that hole is open wide. After the big dildo and showing off his gaping hole a thumb fuck it too.

Then Dave turns over and lays on his back to have his dick wanked. Oil is rubbed over his cock and balls and then a hand wanks the cock until it gives up the cum.

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