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William Higgins – Str8Hell – Ben Stolar – HOT ASS

Sexy cutie Ben Stolar is laying on the bed, bare-chested, as he runs his hands over himself. He is quickly joined by a helper who starts to feel that sexy body. The hands grope Ben’s jeans and open them to release his cock and balls.

Oil is dripped onto Ben’s cock and the hands rub it all over. With the jeans pushed down and that cock nicely oiled Ben runs his hands over his chest. His cock responds to the rubbing and wanking as it grows harder. That dick is a good size as looks impressive as it is wanked. Then Ben’s legs are pushed up over his bed, leaving his hairy ass in the air. Oil is dripped onto his hairy hole and a finger rubs it all over. The finger starts to probe the hole and pushes deep inside. As the finger works that tight hole Ben’s cock is wanked too.

Soon the hole needs more and two fingers push deep inside and start to fuck. Ben Stolar takes the fingers well and is rewarded by feeling a nice fat vibrator fuck into his ass. It fucks all the way in and then pulls out. He cheeks are spread and the hole gapes wide apart. The toy goes in and out and shows off how wide that hole can gap. Then after that hole is worked well for a while Ben lays on his back to feel the fingers again before the toy fucks deep inside once more.

He wanks himself as his hot fuck hole gets it good. Then a big, black and very fat, plug is pushed into the gaping hole. Ben keeps wanking as he takes the plug in his hole. It goes in all the way and stays in there when released. Then it is pulled out again. That big plug is fucked in and out of his ass as Ben keeps wanking until he shoots his hot cum.

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