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William Higgins – Str8Hell – Ben Stolar and Ivanek Ukara RAW – AIRPORT SECURITY

Ivanek Ukara is in charge of Airport Security when Ben Stolar is sent in to see him. It seems that there has been a problem with Ben’s passport. Ivanek checks it and finds that it is not valid, so Ben cannot travel.

It seems that Ben really needs to fly to a meeting and offers money. That offer gets him into trouble and Ivanek can only think of one way to avoid the trouble. Ivanek explains that he is horny and, despite Ben’s protestations’ insists that his dick is sucked. He exposes his cock and pulls Ben’s head onto it. That cock is soon rock hard as Ben’s mouth works on it.

He sucks on Ivanek’s balls too. Ivanek’s hand pulls Ben’s head onto his big cock to go deeper into his mouth. The fat cock is so hard as Ben’s mouth envelopes the head. Then Ben comes off the cock and Ivanek bends him over the desk, pulling down his jeans. That bares Ben’s sexy ass which Ivanek’s gives a few slaps.

Then he shoves his throbbing cock deep into the hot hole. Ivanek’s hips thrust hard as his cock fucks deep into Ben’s ass hole. The cock is pulled out and then shoved all the way into the ass again as Ivanek fucks ahrd. Ben’s dick bounces up and down as he feels the big dick working his hole. The big cock stretches Ben’s hole as it pounds away. His own cock is hard as he takes Ivanek’s really well. As he fucks that ass Ivanek gives it a few slaps as well. He moves Ben onto the sofa and spoons with him, fucking deep.

Ben grabs his own stiff cock and wanks it as he is fucked. His wanking makes that dick even harder and quickly it releases the hot cum onto his body. He milks himself dry as Ivanek continues to fuck his ass. Then Ivanek Ukara pulls out to shoot his cum onto Ben’s balls.

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