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William Higgins – Petr Sunek – EROTIC SOLO

Petr Sunek is aged 18. He is unemployed and he lives in Prerov. Petr enjoys sports, jogging and cycling. He looks good as he sits on the sofa groping himself. Then a helping hand arrives and begins to feel Petr’s body. Petr removes his shirt, baring his chest as a hand runs all over it. The hands also grope his jeans. The oil is rubbed over his sexy chest. The jeans are opened and the hands reach down to pull out Petr’s cock and his balls. The cock begins to stiffen and gets nice and hard. Petr’s jeans are removed and his legs are spread before oil is dripped onto his cock and balls.

The oil is rubbed in and the glistening cock is gently wanked. Petr Sunek feels his body as a hand works on his throbbing dick. Petr’s eyes are glued to his cock as the hands wank it and play with his balls. Those balls are squeezed and rubbed as they glisten with oil. Then Petr’s legs are raised, showing off his ass and his hairy hole. oil is applied to the hole and the cheeks are spread wide to show it off. His stiff cock is wanked too. Soon a finger pushes into the tight hole, coming out to be replaced by another.

The finger fucks deep into Petr’s hot hole as he wanks himself. That hole is fingered well and gets more probing after Petr is turned onto his left side with his cock and balls trapped between his thighs. The hairy hole takes the finger well. Then it comes out and the stiff cock is wanked again. After more fingering the hands apply oil to the soles of Petr’s feed and rub them all over. He then lays on his back to show his hot hole again before turning over, onto his knees. He reaches down to wank on his cock as his hot hole is fingered again. He releases his cock for the hands to take over the wanking whilst still fingering that hole.

Then the finger is removed and the cock is wanked with Petr Sunek trying to hold in the cum, but failing as it is is wanked from his throbbing cock . The hands milk the cock as the sticky cum coats it, squeezing the cock head. The balls get squeezed again too and that sexy ass is rubbed and spread to show off the hairy hole.

More oil is applied to the hole too and the fingering resumes as Petr pulls on his spent cock. The hands finger his hole and wank on his cock. Then the hole is shown off one last time before Petr goes off to the shower.

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