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William Higgins – Petr Kopta – EROTIC SOLO

Petr Kopta is aged 27 and he lives in Prague. He is a tattoo artist who enjoys sports, fitness and soccer. He looks very good indeed and he reclines on the sofa and feels himself through his clothes. He rubs over his chest and then his groin. Petr then opens his shirt to expose the sexy chest as he feels it. He lets a hand dip into his jeans too to grope himself.

Then he opens his jeans and reaches in more easily. He soon pulls out his cock and wanks on it. The cock stiffens in his hand somewhat as he pulls on it. Then Petr Kopta takes off his shirt, to show his tattooed arms too. He turns to wanking his dick as his hips begin to thrust a little too. He reaches in to feel the balls as well. The fat cock gets very hard as Petr wanks it. He then removes his jeans and sits on the back of the sofa, with his legs wide apart, to wank some more. The big balls swing as he wanks on that cock.

Petr Kopta feels his hot chest too as he continues to wank hiimself. His hot ass crack is shown too as he keeps stroking his dick. Then he turns over and kneels as he bends, to show off his ass. He wanks his cock between his legs as he reaches back with one hand to pull his ass open to expose his tight hole. Then he uses both hands to spread the ass giving an even better view of the hot hole. He rubs his fingers over that hole too. Turning over, onto his back, he wanks his cock and lifts his legs to show that hole some more.

Turning onto one side he traps this thick cock between the thighs as he rubs his sexy ass and the tight hole. Fully on his back again he rubs that hot hole as he wanks on his thick cock. Then Petr moves onto his knees and wanks hard on his cock. He reaches down to cup his tight balls too as he keeps wanking. He soon needs to cum and unloads the hot cream into the crack between two sofa cushions. He milks that big cock dry and then goes off to the shower to clean up.

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