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William Higgins – Otto Hubert – MASSAGE

Otto Hubert is in for a massage. He looks so good as he strips naked and then lays, face down, on the table. The masseur arrives and places a towel over Otto’s ass and then gets to work on his back and shoulders. Oil is used, being massaged into the back and up to the shoulders. The hands glide all over, working into the muscles on the shoulders and neck. Otto’s arms are massaged too as they are bent onto his back for the shoulder to be worked. Then the hands slide under the towel and onto Otto’s ass.

The towel is removed and more oil is used as the hands rub all over the lower back and sexy ass cheeks. Then more oil is used to massage Otto’s feet. And then it is back up to that sexy ass. With his legs wide apart Otto feels a hand rubbing over his cock and balls. Then oil is dripped onto them and the hand rubs it in. That cock gets hard as it is rubbed. Then the hand run over the sexy ass. The cheeks are parted and a finger rubs the tight hole. A fingers slides into the tight hole and pushes deep inside. It gently fucks the hot hole, right up to the knuckle. Then it comes out and the cheeks are pulled apart once more to show that hole. Otto is moved onto his knees, giving better access to his cock as well as spreading that ass. The hands wank on the cock, between Otto’s legs.

That stiff cock is wanked by one hand as the other slips a finger back into the ass hole. Soon a vibrator replaces the finger, fucking deep into the ass hole as Otto’s cock is still being wanked hard. That sexy ass gets fucked well by the toy as it pushes ever deeper inside. As his ass is being fucked hard Otto’s cock is wanked and shoots his hot cum all over the massage table. That dick is milked dry and then Otto Hubert turns over, onto his back, to have the hand feel all over his sexy chest.

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