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William Higgins – Marko Palica – EROTIC SOLO

Marko Palica is aged 18. He lives in Brno and is currently unemployed. He likes sports, tennis and jogging. He has a smile on his handsome face as he sits at the end of the bed and does his interview. Then he sits on the bed, leaning on the headboard, and begins to feel hismelf through his clothes. Soon Marko opens his shirt and rubs his sexy chest.

He gropes himself in his jeans too, letting his hands run everywhere. The shirt is removed and Marko leans back again to feel that chest some more. He opens his jeans and releases his stiff cock. The jeans are pushed down to give full access to the hard cock and the balls. Marko takes hold of the cock and wanks it as it stands fully to attention. He takes some oil and drips it onto the hard cock and then wanks it to coat the dick and balls with the oil. With his legs parted the heavy balls hang between the thighs as Marko continues wanking. Then he turns over and presents his sexy ass. The hairy crack is parted as he reaches back to pull on the cheeks. He runs a hand all over the sexy ass and into the crack too. Moving up onto his knees Marko reaches back and spreads that ass wide, showing off the tight hole perfectly.

He gives such a good show of that inviting hole. Then he kneels and wanks his beautiful cock again. This time he wanks it, getting faster, with the balls tightening at the base, until he shoots a nice big load of creamy cum. He milks every last drop from that rigid cock, and then he goes off to the shower to clean up.

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