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William Higgins – Josef Blazkowicz – MASSAGE

Josef Blazkowicz is due for a massage. He looks very good as he strips down to his boxers. Then he lays, face down, on the bed The masseur arrives and takes some oil into his hands as he gets to work. The hands glide over Josef’s shoulders and onto his neck. The fingers massage the neck as Josef lays, relaxed, and enjoys it. The hands massage the shoulders, sliding over the back too.

Eacjh arm, in turn, is bent up Josef’s back as the shoulders are worked. Then, using more oil, the hand massage lower on the back. The back glistens with oil as fingers slide into the boxers too. The boxers are lowered and the sexy ass cheeks are massaged too. Then the boxers are removed completely. The ass cheeks are massaged and then the hairy thgihs too. Then Josef’s feet are oiled and massaged deeply. Then the legs are parted and Josef’s cock is pulled back between his legs. His hot ass hole is exposed too and oil is dripped onto it. and onto the cock and balls.

A hand reaches down to rub the cock. That cock is rock hard as it is rubbed and the tight hole glistens too. The ass cheeks are parted to show that hole even better and more oil is applied. Finger rubs over the hole and then one digit slips inside. Josef Blazkowicz jerks a little as he feels his hole invaded by the finger. The cock is then felt again and the finger goes back into the hole, pushing a little deeper. That finger gently fucks into the hole until it is knuckle deep. Then it comes out and a hand reaches down to rub the stiff cock.

Josef moves up onto his knees, showing off his awesome hole. The oily hands reach down to wank the fat cock as the hole glistens. The finger fucks into the hole again as the big cock is wanked. Josef Blazkowicz takes the finger well and his feet lift up as his cock releases the hot cum onto the bed.. Then he turns over and lays on his back. The hot chest is massaged too. The the hand move down to the cock and balls. The balls are rubbed and then the cock is wanked gently as his massage ends.

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