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William Higgins – Ilja Krutov and Luky Kolac RAW – CHERRY BUSTING

Ilja Krutov sits on the bed to answer some questions before being introduced to Luky Kolac. Luky joins him on the bed and they begin to kiss. As they kiss Ilja’s tee shirt is removed and Luky helps him off with his shorts. He kisses Ilja some more and gets him fully naked. Then Luky starts to suck Ilja’s cock. He licks the cock and balls and sucks on the cock which quickly gets very hard.

Ilja lays back and enjoys the hot mouth working on his cock. Luky sucks it well and licks the balls too. Then it is Ilja’s turn to suck as Luky gets naked and releases his massive cock. Ilja’s mouth takes the cock , sucking on it. Luky fucks the big dick into the eager mouth. Luky then takes another turn at sucking Ilja’s cock. Ilja fucks the cock into Luky’s mouth. But Luky is due for more. He is going to get his cherry busted. He turns around and presents his ass and soon feels Luky’s huge cock pushing deep inside.

Luky fucks deep into that hot ass hole. He spanks the ass cheeks too as he fucks hard into the virgin hole. Ilja takes that massive pole in his ass as the hole his stretched wide. Luky pulls right out to show the hole, then he shoves the big cock all the way inside again. He keeps up his hard fucking, and continues to spank on the cheeks too. When the big cock comes out of the ass the hole gapes, wanting more. The cock soon fills it again and fucks hard. Then Luky lays down so that Ilja as sit his ass down on the cock and ride it. Luky fucks hard up into the hot hole. He pounds Ilja’s ass as hard as he can. That huge dick really works the hole hard. They move to spoon and Ilja wanks himself as Luky slams his dick so hard into that ass. He keeps fucking hard as Ilja Krutov wanks.

Ilja soon shoots his cum onto the bed as his hole is fucked so deep. Luky continues to fuck and then pulls out to shoot his cum over Ilja’s face and into his mouth. That big cock is slapped on his face too as the hot cum coats his lips.

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