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William Higgins – Full Contact – Igor Uran & Peto Mohac – Screen Test Raw

Igor Uran is ready for a screentest and he has the lovely Peto Mohac as his partner. They sit on the bed and chat as they get to know each other. Peto leads the conversation on to sex and Igor eventually agrees to try something with him. They begin to kiss each other. Peto removes Igor’s tee shirt and rubs him as they kiss. He takes off his own tee shirts too and they each run hands over the other.

A l;ttle more discussion results in Igor taking down his jeans and underwear to be fully naked. He kneels in front of Peto who leans down to suck on the soft cock. That cock quickly gets nice and hard as Peto sucks it, feeling Igor’s hand on the back of his head for encouragement. Igor begins to thrust his hips, pushing his cock deeper into Peto’s hot mouth. Peto does a great job on that cock, sucking it and licking up and down the shaft. Having enjoyed that cock for a while Peto then gets naked, releasing his own stiff dick. Igor leans over and kisses him and then goes down on the cock. He takes it in his mouth and sucks as Peto pushes his head down on it.

Igor does a good job on that dick, his mouth closed tightly around it as he sucks. He licks the shaft too. Then Peto turns over and presents his ass, reaching back to spread the cheeks. Igor Uran tongues the hot hole. He laps at that hot hole for a while, leaning down to lick the cock and balls too. Peto moves onto his knees and soon feels Igor’s stiff dick pushing inside his ass. Igor’s hips thrust hard as his rock hard dick works Peto’s eager hole. The cock comes out and is pushed all the way inside again to continue fucking. That hole takes the dick well as it fucks deep inside, all the way out and sliding in again. Igor’s fucking speeds up, thrusting hard. Then he sits and leans back so that Peto can ride his cock. Peto’s hot ass hole slides down on the throbbing cock riding it hard as his own cock stands to attention. He works his hole hard, taking that dick so well. Then he slides off the cock and lays on his side so they can spoon.

Igor’s dick is soon deep in that hot hole again and fucking hard. Peto feels every thrust as that big cock works his hole so well. He grabs his own cock and wanks himself as his hole is pounded. The deep fucking soon sends him over the edge and Peto shoots his hot cum onto his left thigh. Igor continues fucking until he is ready too. Then he pulls out and shoots his creamky cum over Peto’s cock and balls.

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