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William Higgins – Czech Up – Milek Jastra & Radek Ulba Raw

Milek Jastra visits Dr Radek Ulba’s office, complaining of pain in his back. Radek says that he will check the back and tells Milek to remove his tee shirt. Radek then begins to check the back, pressing his fingers and thumbs up and down the spine. Milek pulls down his shorts a little way as the doctor checks all over the back. Radek then tells him to take off his shorts and that he will massage Milek’s back. Milek lays, face down, on the massage table, wearing just his underwear.

Radek takes some oil in his hands and he starts massaging the painful back. The hands work all over Milek’s back, using more oil as necessary. Radek lowers the underwear some too, showing off Milek’s sexy ass cheeks. The hands run down onto the ass, and into the crack. The ass is massaged too as Milek lays, relaxed, on the table. Then Milek Jastra turns over and lays on his back. His big cock is out of the underwear and is rock hard too. Radek massages around the cock and cant resist leaning forward to lick that erection. His tongue laps at the stiff cock and he takes the head into his mouth. That big cock fills his mouth and Radek’s head is soon bobbing up and down on it. He sucks on the throbbing cock and lick up and down the shaft from time to time too.

Then he removes Milek’s underwear completely and returns to sucking and licking the big stiff cock. Moving up to Milek’s head he kisses him. Milek’s sits up and removes Radek’s shirt and they kiss some more. Radek wants more though and soon lowers his pants and presents his ass as he bends over the table. Milek stands behind him and slides his big cock deep into the waiting ass hole. The rock hard dick fucks deep into the ass with long thrusts. Radek’s hot hole takes it well as he reaches back and pulls on his ass cheeks. Milek’s powerful dick works that hole so well as the cock slides in and out. He grabs Radek’s hips for extra leverage as he fucks.

The Radek turns over and lays on the table to wank himself as Milek Jastra continues to fuck his ass. The big cock is pulled out of his ass and then shoved in again. Radek keeps wanking hard as he takes the big dick in his hole. Milek’s dick is ready and he pulls out and shoots his cum onto Radek’s balls. He milks his cock dry and then leans forward to kiss Radek again.

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