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William Higgins – Czech Up – Ivanek Ukara & Radek Ulba Raw

Ivanek Ukara is in his doctor’s office when Radek Ulba arrives for a Czech Up, due to a bad back. Ivanek decides he needs to check the back and tells Radek to undress and to lay on the examination table. Radek lays on the table, stripped to his underwear. Ivanek takes some oil and begins to massage Radek’s back. Ivanek uses more oil and massages Radek’s lower back. He lowers the underwear a little as he works. As he works on the back Ivanek massages Radek;s ass cheeks too. After working on the shoulders too he lowers Radek’s underwear to fully bare the ass.

His hands spread the ass cheeks as he massages them. That shows off Radek’s hole. Then Ivanek Ukara moves up to Radek’s head and leans over to massage his shoulders. Radek moves his hand and begins to rub Ivanek’s bulging pants. It is clear that Ivanek’s dick is hard and he opens the pants to release his stiff cock. Radek’s eager mouth is quick to take the cock and suck it. That thick dick is so stiff as Radek sucks, licks and wanks it. Then Ivanek fucks his cock into Radek’s mouth as he holds the back of his head. Radek gorges himself on the big stiff cock. Then he moves up to kiss Ivanek. He removes his underwear and kneels on the table as Ivanek climbs up to slide his fat cock deep into the waiting hole. The big cock fucks deep into Radek’s ass as Ivanek fucks hard.

That rock hard cock works Radek’s hole well, sliding all the way inside as Ivanek fucks. Then they move with Ivanek standing and fucking Radek as he is bent over the table. Radek takes the massive cock so well as it plunges deep into his ass. Ivanek fucks that ass so well, pulling out and shoving the dick all the way in again. Then they both lay on the table, spooning, as Ivanek continues his deep fucking. Radek wanks himself as he enjoys the big cock in his ass. He wanks hard as Ivanek pounds his hole and soon Radek unloads the hot cum. Ivanek continues to fuck that ass and then pulls out and dumps a big, creamy load over Radek’s ass. After milking all the cum from his cock Ivanek slides it back into Radek’s ass for a final fuck before they kiss.

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