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William Higgins – Bobby Orel – MASSAGE

Bobby Orel is such a handsome and sexy guy. He looks great as he strips down to his underwear, ready for his massage. He lays, face down, on the bed. The masseur arrives and, taking oil into his hands, gets straight to work on that sexy back. The oily hands slide over the back and work on the neck and the shoulders. The back glistens with oil as the hands work their magic.

Bobby’s arms are each bent up the back as the shoulders are massaged. Then the hands move to massage the lower back too. The hands slip into Bobby’s underwear too. Then the underwear is lowered so the sexy ass cheeks can be massaged properly. More oil is used as the ass is massaged well. Then underwear is then removed completely and Bobby’s feet are oiled heavily and massaged deeply. His legs are then parted with his cock and balls being adjusted. Oil is rubbed over the sexy ass as a hand rubs the cock and balls.

The cock is gently wanked between Bobby’s thighs. The ass is massaged too. Bobby Orel moves onto his knees, showing his hot ass hole as the cheeks part naturally. Oil is rubbed all over that hot ass and the cock is wanked between the legs. That cock gets nice and hard as it is wanked. The hands explore the sexy ass, spreading the cheeks and rubbing over the hairy hole. The stiff cock is wanked more too as the balls are held too.

The cheeks are parted more to show the hairy hole but the attention is focussed on that stiff cock which is wanked hard and fast. Soon Bobby releases the hot cum onto the bed below. Every last drop is milked from that stiff dick. The balls are rubbed more and that tight hole his shown off too. Then Bobby Orel turns over onto his back to relax after his massage. His sexy chest is oiled all over too as he lays back and relaxes.

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