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UKHotJocks – Locker Jock – Luke Vogel

In his black and navy sports gear, young and sexy Luke Vogel starts grabbing his bulging crotch through his shorts and feeling up his own body through the skin tight Dri-fit gear.

He strips off revealing his lean swimmers body and the briefs that can barely contain his huge meat. Getting harder still the pants just have to come off and his fat cock plain wont’ fit in them any more!

This boy may be tall but he’s all in proportion, his hard, long and super thick dick swinging around and being beaten off. Speaking of proportions, Luke Vogel goes to find himself a toy to play with, and what a monster! 12″ long, wrist thick and ahead as big as a small fist, this boy is about to impress you even more.

Lubing up and squatting down on the monster black toy his long cock hanging and oozing loads of pre-cum, painting the bench in an abstract sticky mess, yummy! Amazingly Luke sits completely down on this giant dildo bouncing up and down, pre-cumming and groaning in pleasure!