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Tim Tales – Koldo Goran fucks Lukas Daken

It’s a busy day in the office and manager Trevor Laster is feeling the stress, but just because deadlines are due doesn’t mean Trevor isn’t down to take five with his fellow co-worker.

Intern David Rose is new but Trevor thinks he shows real promise, and when David asks Trevor if there’s anything extra he can do for him, a wry smile stretches across Trevor’s face as he slowly begins to massage the bulge in his pants. David takes the hint, showing the initiative that Trevor likes to see in those underneath him.

As David sucks and fucks, Trevor Laster discovers that David has many hidden talents that the company is not taking advantage of, and as he fills David’s hole full of hard cock, he vows to make better use of David’s assets. It sure seems like this is one regular office meeting that both of them will be looking forward to.

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