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SweetAndRaw – Robin Few & Micky Shut

Fuck buddies Robin Few and Micky Shut are spending a nice, quiet time out in the country. The two don’t get to see each other much what with their school and work schedules.

So, during their first day off together, they took off for some much needed R&R in the woods. Micky’s gone out for a meditative walk and comes back horned up and ready for a good fuck. He knows how much Robin likes it raw and it doesn’t take much to persuade him into a blowjob. After trading with each other, Micky gets Robin to stand up against the side of an abandoned outhouse.

There, with Robin’s hungry ass ready and waiting, Micky shoves his big uncut dick in the sweet raw hole and bangs the hell out of his buddy. His huge balls sway hypnotically as they swing back and forth. And if you think that’s hot, wait until you see Robin’s cock flopping up and down as he rides Micky! But after all that cock sucking, after all that butt banging, when Micky Shut is ready he unloads all over Robin’s face and chin.

And it’s a H-U-G-E load, too! Robin follows soon after and we get to see how much of a cum whore Micky’s become when he laps up Robin’s load and shares the sticky mess in a kiss.