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Surprise Package – Edvar Soucek & Jay Roberts & Thomas Winter

Beefy blond Edvar Soucek celebrates his birthday with a bunch of his hot friends, who arrive with a big birthday package. When Edvar opens the box, handsome Jay Roberts springs out in nothing but a black jock strap and a bow tie.

Jay lures Edvar into the bathroom, strips Edvar out of his clothes and inhales his thick, uncut dick. Hunky Thomas Winter wanders in and rips off his clothes; he joins Edvar on the floor as they both swallow Jay’s cock to the base, sliding their tongues up and down his rock-hard shaft as he moans in pleasure. Edvar and Thomas stand over Jay and jerk their cocks until they splatter his lean, ripped pecs with cum, then Jay manhandles his own meat until he launches a big wad of spunk all over himself.

The guys find a bedroom and throw Jay onto his back on the bed. Edvar tongues Jay’s muscular ass while Thomas skewers Jay’s throat with his hard cock. Edvar pulls on a condom and slamfucks Jay while Thomas strokes Jay’s dick. Jay flips onto all fours and Edvar, his chiseled body gleaming with sweat, continues to ream his ass while Thomas crams his cock down Jay’s hungry throat.

After Thomas leaves to check on what’s happening back in the party room, Edvar fucks the cum out of Jay, who shoots a huge load all over his smooth tan abs and pecs. Edvar finally explodes, mixing his creamy jizz in with Jay’s.

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