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Str8Hell – Tomas Petruj – SPANKING

Tomas Petruj is such a sexy guy. He looks great as he is on his knees, with a gag in his mouth and hid wrists shackled behind his back as he struggles to release himself. He is wearing only some yellow underwear too. As he writhes and tries to get free his tormentor arrives, with whip in hand. The hands begin to rub over the covered ass, and then spank on it. Tomas writhes as the heavy hands land on his ass. He is pushed flat onto the bed and is then straddled by the tormentor who spanks that sexy ass.

The underwear is pulled up a little so the hands land on bare flesh. Then the underwear is pulled down and that sexy ass feels the heavy hands spanking all over it. Hand prints are visible as those cheeks are spanked hard. The cheeks colour nicely as Str8Hell – Tomas Petruj – SPANKING feels every time the hands land. The ass cheeks are squeezed too and pulled apart as well. Then the whip is teasingly dragged up and down the hot body. Then it is used to whip that sexy ass. The heavy hands again spank on that sexy, and now sore, ass. Tomas struggles as he is moved onto his knees. That position spreads his cheeks and exposes his tight hole. As that hole is fully exposed the ass cheeks are spanked more. Then the hands spread the ass cheeks to give a great view of that tight little hole. Tomas’ ass gets more of the hard spanking and then the whip too. Oil is rubbed over the ass too, so that is glistens nicely as it is spanked some more.

The hot hole is shown again and a finger rubs over it. That finger is poked, roughly, into the tight hole and it fucks deep inside. Then it is replaced by another finger that stays in the hole as the ass is spanked more. Two fingers are shoved hard into that hot hole too as the ass and thighs are spanked very hard indeed. Then the fingers come out and that hole is shown off some more. The heavy hands continue to land on that ass and spank all over the back too. The sore ass continues to be spanked hard and more oil is applied too. The red ass glistens as the oil is spread all over. A vibrator appears and is pushed deep into that hot ass. It is fucked roughly into the hole and stays inside as the cheeks are spanked so hard. Tomas’ thighs get the spanking treatment too. Then the toy is fucked so hard into the hole. It is fucked with long strokes, ensuring it goes so deep inside. Then the shackles are removed and Tomas is turnsd onto his back.

His legs are tied to his wrists keeping that ass on view. His cock is rock hard too and it is wanked as his hole is shown off. Oil is poured over the stiff cock and inviting hole. The balls are squeezed and slapped too. Then the fingering starts again, invading that hole and fucking it hard. Tomas’ moaning angers the torment and the mouth is gagged with underwear. The hole is fucked deep with two fingers and the spanking continues too. That fat cock stays hard all the time too, even as the toy fucks the ass hard too. When the toy is removed that hot hole is spanked too. Finally Tomas is allowed to lay on his back and wank his stiff cock. He keeps wanking until his cock gives up the cum after a great spanking, which he will remember for a long time.

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