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Str8Hell – Robert Smola and Sasa Jelinek RAW – AIRPORT SECURITY

Sasa Jelinek is in charge of airport security today. He brings a very scared Robert Smola into his office. Robert is accused of stealing some money and Sasa Jelinek is deternined to find it. He feels all over Robert’s body to find the money. As he does so he strips him and finds the money as he pulls on the underwear. Sasa threatens to punish Robert and spanks his ass.

Robert begs to be released, but that isn’t going to happen, at least not yet. Sasa pushes Robert down onto his knees. Then he opens his own pants and rubs his cock and balls over Robert’s face. He pushes his soft cock into Robert’s mouth and starts to fuck his face. Sasa’s cock gets hard as his slides it in and out of Robert’s mouth. Sasa’s hips thrust as he fucks his dick into Robert’s mouth. Pulling his cock out Sasa has Robert lick his balls too. Then he fucks his dick back into the mouth.

Robert holds his mouth wide open as the big cock fills it. Robert tries to push Sasa’s legs away to remove the dick from his mouth, without success. But the dick is removed, as Sasa grabs Robert and bends him over the desk. Only one thing is on Sasa’s mind. That is to get his big cock deep in Robert’s ass. That happens too, as the big cock is shoved into Robert’s ass. Sasa Jelinek fucks hard and fast into the ass hole. He fucks hard and slaps the ass too as Robert takes it well.

The big cock goes balls deep into that ass hole as Sasa Jelinek grabs Robert’s hair and pulls him up. He pounds the tight hole as deep as he can. Then Sasa sits on a chair and makes Robert ride his big cock. Robert’s hole is stretched wide as he slides up and down on the throbbing cock. That fucking make Robert rock hard too . He lays on the table as Sasa fucks him more. Holding his own dick Robert starts to wank it as he takes the fuckpole up his ass. Robert’s big cock is rock hard as he wanks and shoots a thick, creamy load of cum.

Sasa fucks more and then pulls out, shoving Robert to his knees. He shoots his hot cum all over Robert’s face and then makes him suck the sticky cock clean.

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