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Str8Hell – Mito Kovac – SPANKING

Mito Kovac is gagged and he has been shackled with his hands above his head. He is also naked apart from his underwear. His tormentor arrives and rubs a riiding crop over Mito’s sexy chest. He then slaps at the chest as Mito moans. The hand slaps on that hot, squirming, body. The hand also grabs at Mito’s clothed cock. Then the cock is released and wanked a little.

It is slapped too and then left to hang out. The body is slapped more and Mito is then turned around to have his covered ass spanked. The underwear pulled down and the ass is spanked hard. Then the crop is used on that sexy ass. That sexy ass is spanked hard as Mito Kovac squirms. He is lifted up too as the heavy hand beats on the ass. Then, lowered, his ass is squeezed and spanked more. Turned around again the cock is slapped after being oiled. Then Mito’s nipples are clamped too. His body and ass are spanked more and the hand beat on the thighs too. Then the crop is used on that sexy ass again too. All the while Mito writhes around trying, in vain, to avoid the punishment.

His dick is pulled and wanked. The cock head is spanked too. It gets big and hard as well as it is wanked. That big cock pokes out in front as the sexy body and ass get spanked more. The balls are grabbed, pulled and squeezed too. Then Mito Kovac is placed on the bench. Leg apart Mito’s dick is wanked and the balls are squeezed and rubbed. Then the legs are raised to expose the hot ass hole. That hole is fingered roughly and the ass cheeks are spanked hard. The legs are dropoed as the chest is hit on more. Then one hand is released from the shackles to allow Mito to wank himself. That big dick gets so hard as Mito wanks it. Then he shoots his thick, creamy cum He milks his dick dry with cum clinging to his fingers.

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