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Str8Hell – Milan Houten – SPANKING

Sexy Milan Houten has been shackled to his bed. He is wearing just his underwear as he writhes against the shackles. Then his tormentor arrives and begins to grope and feeling Milan Houten. The chest is slapped and the nipples are squeezed too. Then the underwear is pulled up too. The hands spank over Milan’s slim and sexy body. Then Milan’s legs are lifts, showing his bare ass. The ass gets spanked hard.

Then the underwear is pulled right down and the ass cheeks are spread to show the hairy hole. Milan Houten is turned onto his other side and the ass gets more spanking. The ankles are freed and soon the legs are spread so the hot ass hole can be spanked too. Oil is dripped onto Milan’s cock and is then rubbed over it and the balls. A hand squeezes those balls too, and pulls on them to make them ache.

The cock is wanked by the oily hand. The the balls are tied up and Milan is turned over, onto his knees. The hands are shackled behind him as his hot ass is presented for spanking. His mouth has been taped too. The heavy hands spank hard on that sexy ass. and against the hole too. The cheeks are spread, pulling on that hole. Oil is dripped onto it. Then fingers rub roughly over the hole. A finger shoves hard into that hole and fucks it deep. The big cock is pulled back between the legs to be wanked too.

The hole gets fingered hard. Then is it spanked more and soon a whip lands on it repeatedly too. Next Milan Houten feels a dildo pushing deep into his ass. It is fucked hard into that hole, staying put when released. The spanking continues, knocking the dildo out of that ass. The cheeks are spread to show off the hot hole again. Then the cock is pulled back between the legs and wanked. A larger dildo is shoved deep into that ass hole. The hole opens up to swallow the rubber cock with ease.

The the dildo is discarded and the ass is spanked more and fingered hard too. The Milan is turned over and he lays back to have his cock wanked more. The wanking gets faster until the cock gives up the thick, creamy, cum.