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Str8Hell – Josef Usnik – HOT ASS

Josef Usnik is such a sexy guy. He has a good body and a great cock too. He looks so good as, naked, he sits in the chair and wanks his big cock as helping hands run all over his hot chest. The hands pull on Josef’s nipples as he continues wankng himself. Then he releases his cock to the care of the hands. Oil is dripped onto that big cock and rubbed over the head and onto the shaft. The balls are tight against the shaft as the hand begins to wank that cock. The balls are gabbed too.

Then Josef Usnik lifts his legs to show off his hairy ass the the hot hole. His cock is wanked as that hot ass is shown perfectly. The hands take some oil and rub it over Josef’s hot hole. His cock is wanked gently as a finger dips into that hot ass hole. Then the finger starts to fuck deep into the hole as the cock is wanked faster. The finger goes all the way into that hot hole and then is removed. The hole is inspected before two fingers push inside. That big cock is wanked as the fingers work deep into the tight ass hole. The hole is fucked hard by the fingers as Josef’s cock is wanked. The ass cheeks are spanked too as the hole is fingered.

Then the fingers are withdrawn so the hole can be inspected again. Josef’s dick is wanked some more too. A vinbrator is rubbed over the hot hole and then begins to push inside as the big cock is wanked some more. That toy fucks hard into Josef’s ass, going deep inside and stretching the hole wide. His dick is rock hard as the toy pounds hard into that hot ass hole. The big cock is wanked hard too as that ass hole is fucked hard. Josef holds his legs up as the toy fucks hard and fast into the hot hole. The toy is removed and Josef’s ass cheeks are spread to fully expose the hole which gapes some time too. The vibrator pushes back into the hot ass and fucks hard again. That huge cock stays so hard as the ass gets so much action. Josef is turned over, onto his knees. That presents his hot ass again and soon that hole is getting more action.

It is fingered deep and then takes a big dildo deep inside. The dildo really stretches the hot ass hole so wide as it goes deep inside. Josef’s dick is pulled back between his legs and it is wanked hard, in time with the fucking of his hole. Then the toy is removed and that hot hole is shown in cluse up again. Josef then sits in the chair and wanks his big cock as the hands feel all over his hot torso. He keeps wanking until the big, shiny, cock head releases the cum. A hand reaches down to rub that creamy cum all over the head.

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