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SayUncle X BoyFun – Floozy Foozballs – Nick Danner & Jerome James

Jerome James and Nick Danner are competitive boys, so you can probably predict that a game of Foozball between these boys has the potential to become a horny session of BoyFun. Of course, when you’re eager to get some cock with a buddy a simple game like this can quickly become a game of strip-Foozball, and it soon becomes apparent that slim young Nick is losing.

In very short time his long cock is out of his underwear, but although he lost the game he’s definitely winning in the dick play department. Jerome doesn’t waste a second, making out with his friend and grabbing that big cock for some stroking, his own long and delicious tool hastily revealed. With both stunning young men naked and on the couch the shared sucking begins, two horny young men craving cock and servicing each other with eager abandon. It’s not just dick that needs licking, which soon becomes clear when Nick offers his smooth little hole for Jerome to slip his tongue into.

It’s a delicious treat for both, but it’s merely hinting at the bareback fun to come when Jerome James takes aim at that dampened pucker and eases his length into the boy. Nick gets it good from behind, his own cock swinging and oozing precum, but after some more tasty oral from his top pal he’s getting it even deeper when he takes a ride on that naked boner, straddling his friend and sliding up and down Jerome’s dick.

The pleasure of that erection in his ass while the boy is on his back is what eventually gets their dicks gushing, Jerome splashing his cream out over his friend and triggering Nick’s own load to add to the messy conclusion.

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