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Say Uncle – Hot Dads Hot Lads – Ethan Travis & Max Dunhill

Coach Max Dunhill and lad Ethan Travis had a big game today. Ethan showers in the locker room and begins stroking his cock. Coach Max watches as the young athlete plays with himself. He watches Ethan’s cock harden and begins pleasuring himself as well. Max’s thick cock flops out of his shorts and grows to its full size. Ethan notices his coach watching and is startled. He didn’t realize his coach was standing there so long.

Coach Max Dunhill waves him closer and passes him a towel. He tells Ethan to service him and the young athlete knows how to take direction from his coach. Ethan sucks Max’s massive cock. He strokes his own as he deep throats Max’s pulsating member. Coach Max blows Ethan’s uncut man meat, playfully sucking his thick foreskin. They kiss and Max bends Ethan over so he can eat his ass. Coach Max licks Ethan’s hole and commands him to be a team player as he slides his huge pole into his tight hole. Ethan takes a pounding, putting his face down and ass up.

He lays on his back and Max plows deeper and harder. Ethan Travis shoots his load while Max fucks him. Max Dunhill shoots his load as Ethan licks his nips. Coach Max Dunhill and Ethan hop in the shower to rinse off after a great after-game workout.

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