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RawHole – Guto Abravanel Gags On Big Brown Cesar Dotadao

Light-skinned Tom of Finland-type Carioca muscleman Guto Abravanel goes crazy for big cock and here he gets all he wants courtesy of mocha brown Brazilian stud Cesar Dotadao. They warm their motors up with a long bout of deep wet kisses and grabbing each others’ tools.

Guto gets on all fours to swallow and salivate over Cesar’s piece, beating his own meat all the while. He gags and spits up a lot of juicy spit, so Cesar should be nicely lubed and slick with saliva.

Guto Abravanel turns his ass toward Cesar’s face and gets his hole reamed out and licked till he’s begging for cock. When Cesar kneels behind it slides in raw like it’s made for plowing Guto’s hungry hole. Guto bounces his booty against the long smooth pole and lets out a guttural moan. He turns to stare into Cesar’s deep brown eyes, and Cesar gives his cheeks a few hard smacks till they’re rosy and hot. Guto climbs on top of Cesar and grabs the headboard to bear down for a deep hard ride.

Cesar slams fast up into Guto’s bareback muscle butt, then turns them to pump in with Guto’s legs wrapped around. Guto can’t take more of this and gets a big creamy wad fucked out of him. Then Cesar finishes jerking his load into Guto’s cum-starved mouth.

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