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Raunchy Bastards – Semper Fuck – Clay and Dallas Ari

I’ve always been fond of former Marines – they are the best and most insatiable bottoms, even if they are straight. This particular young man did his stint, and it’s as if all those years of not getting pounded just built up, and now that he has tken the plunge, he’s making up for lost time. Dallas came over one day for a real wowzer of a fuck session, and I was happy to catch it on camera.

He’s not a bulky guy, but he does hav a beautiful ass. He sucked my cock some, but all I wanted to do was stick my tongue in his hole. Not that his BJs are bad – he demonstrates a true interest in being able to deep throat, and he tries his best. I loved how he kept gagging on my dick. Soon, I was licking his hole as he was loosening up his throat with my shaft. The best part was yet to come, however.

From the moment I stuck it in, I could tell that I didn’t want it to end. He seemed to want it deeper than I could go, but it certainly prodded me into fucking him harder, and as deep as I could. And even though there was definitely a transactional nature to our fucking, I could see in his eyes that he simply loves daddy cock, and he couldn’t get enough. His eyes were rolling around and every few thrusts a big smile sprang up across his face. We fucked in just about every position. By the time I was getting close, his hole was so loose. It made me go even harder just to get there. Finally I dumped a load into his lovely ass, and his cunt seemed to gobble it all up. Semper Fuck!

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