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PeterFever – Damian Dragon & Axel Abysse – A Helping Hand

When Damian Dragon comes from the doorway, Axel Abysse is quite happy to find him. “Thanks for coming, I need your aid!” he purrs. They begin kissing and grinding their bodies together, and Damian’s hands move straight to Axel’s round firm booty. Damian pulls off Axel’s tight black t-shirt and nibbles on a ring that destroys his nipple. Axel lifts Damian’s t-shirt on his head and we see how the black harness he’s sporting.

Axel licks his lips and gently opens Damian’s belt, then pulls his dick out and begins sucking. He operates his tongue to the slippery tan dickhead. Damian turns him around and yanks his pants to expose the light ass framed by the black cutout briefs, dives in and begins rimming. Axel moans in delight and desires more. The shorts come so that Axel can stand broadlegged and Damian Dragon understands a wide open hole to worship together with his mouth.

Axel climbs in the table and holds back his lupper leg. Damian rebounds and laps, gets his hole wet and lubed, subsequently drives within his hard cock.
Axel holds tight on Damian’s harness as he drills into Axel, subsequently twiddles his nipple. Damian pulls slides and out in four hands. Gradually extending and opening up Axel’s hole makes him prepared to take the entire fist. Donning a black latex glove and slathering on a thick lube, then he enters Axel’s buttocks.

Axel stands with on leg up on the dining table, groaning as his bum encircle the smooth tough pressure of Damian’s fist as it pushes past the wrist. Lube drips as he pops his fist in and out. Finally he ends up to Axel and inquires,”Are you sure you left your keys up there? I could not find them anywhere!”