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NoirMale – Poking Around – Nick Fitt & Parker Payne

Joel, played with sexy and smooth Nick Fitt, is taking care of Samson’s beautiful house. He cleans the pool, he does the yard work and tidies up. But, Joel does a little snooping too and fines that Samson, played with dark and delicious Parker Payne, is a little kinky!

After sniffing his panties and coming across a huge black dildo Joel decides to play in Samson’s large bed. When the homeowner comes back unexpected and finds Joel in his bed, he tells him he’s been watching him for quite a long time on the security camera and that it is time they get down to business… and fuck!

Intense blowjobs, ass eating, and cum spray is accompanied by an extreme ass fucking session that leaves both happy Joel was poking around!